Last year I did several recordings of fire for my radio composition fire pattern (well, indeed…), and as one can see, this recording let my windshield melt away… This happened at airport Schönefeld close to Berlin (it will be the international airport for Berlin in a few years), where they run a training ground for the airport fireworkers. The exercise is to extingish extensive fires happening after plane crashes. This ground is equipped with remotely controlled gas nozzles that can be set on fire from a near-by tower. The fireworkers have to practice several routines that are vital in case of emergency (luckily no one of the fireworker ever in their livetime experience something like this…). The scenery was spectacular, but my sound recording was not as breathtaking as it seems to be: there is actually nothing to burn down and make the distinctive crackling sound of fire, it sounded more like a huge gas oven on full heat…″