Chris Watson is one of the world’s leading sound recordists of wildlife and natural soundscapes. He once played in bands such like Cabaret Voltaire or Hafler Trio but is more well know today for his collaboration with David Attenborough on his famous nature documentaries. From the decades of location recording around the world his expertise in the technical aspects of field recordings is unrivalled and his collection of spectacular sound cuts might only be surpassed by Bernie Krauses archive. On this CD Watson assembled recordings of places in Kenya, the Scottish highland and Iceland that represent certain moods and characteristics that unfold and change over time like the weather. The slow natural shifts are condensed in three pieces of 18 min. length that bear a strong sense of drama and the narrative. One can hear a lion attack his prey, cattle running through the field and glacier ice mourning under pressure, only interrupted by episodes of rain, thunder and wind. The fidelity and directness of the recordings is stunning and the way Watson edited this album conceals far more an artistic statement than his previous – also highly recommended – releases Outside The Circle Of Fire and Stepping Into The Dark.