4 rooms was recorded in abandoned places in Chernobyl, former meeting points for people who had to leave immediately after the nuclear catastrophy. Kirkegaard utilizes a setting that was already put into action by Alvin Lucier in his historic piece „I`m Sitting In A Room“: a recording is played back repeatedly into the space it was recorded until the signal gets blurred and finally unrecognizable, leaving only a fuzzy drone that represents the resonating frequencies of the room. In this case though, there is no voice, the rooms are left empty and quiet and what builds up over some time is nothing else then magnified silence, the resonating vacancy of left places. The layers of sounds resemble somehow the tones of aeolian harps, only in a more static way as a reference to the radioactive radiation. A conceptual work, as the other pieces of Kierkegaard with a strong emphasis on a scientific approach towards sound and media. Check other works of Kierkegaard at his webpage.