Sound in public places is a frequent subject. In Berlin the research project “composed city” starts this week. “In composed city, public space will be used as an instrument. The public space will be played, and its sounds will help creating local identity. The sound work will be exhibited in Berlin at festival Tuned City – Between sound and space speculation on the 4th and 5th July 2008.” As a starter 4 Lectures on sound art in public spaces are given on June 4 at the UdK in Berlin. Check also the blog “oscillations & resonances” associated to the sound studies of UdK Berlin.

Jeff Talman works with “a process of self-reflexive resonance, in which the inherent ambient resonance of an installation site becomes the sole sound source for an artwork.” He has worked in various public buildings such as the Cathedral of Cologne and St. James Cathedral, Chicago, meticulously analyzing the “tuning” of an inner space and redirecting those frequencies into the room, as described here. Talman’s Bavarian Forest Triptych “Inner Nature”, in contrast, incorporates recordings of the Bavarian forest which are diffused in a massive, multi-channel sound-space environment. The installation can be visited from May 28 to June 29 in Gibacht, Waldmünchen, Germany.