In Berlin’s “Großer Wasserspeicher“, a huge, old water reservoir turned into a place for sound installations due to it’s long reverb and distinctive echos, Arnaud Jacobs placed several rotating and low frequency speakers to wash the labyrinthine walls with a subtle atmosphere of dripping-like sounds and interfering textures of electronic tones. However, the key feature of this sound installation is that the audience is equipped with a device Jacobs calls the echolocator emiting a set of tonal, hissing and clicking sounds, that are reflected within the numerous concentric rings of the water reservoir. The visitor is enabled to navigate through the dark passages with the help of acoustic localization and “play the room” with this little device. Most fascinating are the short clicks that are synchronized with the dominant echo time of the place, the echos overlay each other and dissociate from the sound source, the sound colour of the environment is perceived in its own properties. I liked the installation very much, and its worth combining the trip with another installation of Ulrich Eller in the neighboring small reservoir (Kleiner Wasserspeicher, talking drums). Wednesday to Sunday 14:00 to 20:00, untill 13. 7. Read more about Jacobs echolocation here.