In this little series of CDs that I picked to circumscribe my area of interest, I hope that it is clear that I don’t go for the latest releases but works that kind of grow after repeated listening as it is in this case from 2003. Toshiya Tsunoda is frequently compared to artists like Chris Watson or Francisco Lopez, though his approach is different in the way he already modifies his field recordings on the set with the use of contact microphones and  unusual placements of microphones. On “Pieces Of Air” he recorded sounds from within pipes, tubes, and long cylindrical objects translating the idea of Helmholtz resonators into a modern experimental setting. On this sirr-records release he collects a fine mixture of straight forward field recordings and some contact mic takes that underline his subtle sensibility towards hidden sounds and unlikely locations. There is a strong subjectivity expressed through his choice of places and moments, although everything is presented here in an almost laconic manner. Not inviting in the first place this CD, but it leaves a lasting impression that let me return to that little gem again and again. To get a better understanding of his thinking and his concept, check this little essay on erstwords.