There are three events dealing with the role of the musician in the digital age within only a few weeks here in Berlin. It started last weekend with the conference “dancing with myself” and featured keynotes of speakers like Jacques Attali or Matthew Herbert besides some German intelligentsia. On Friday the tenth club transmediale kicks off with a week of panels that deal a lot with the same subject of the economic and social repercussions driven by the digitization of music. One panel on Saturday gives the chance to learn the results of that first conference from the organizers Tobias Müller and Christoph Gurk. Even more promising sounds a third event taking place on February 6th to 8th at Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt called Audio Poverty. Curated by Ekkehard Ehlers and Björn Gottstein the conference offers a weekend of discussions and lectures, concerts and parties, performances and experiments, apart from others there will be the chance to hear the style-crossing and transcontinental world music of the New York DJ Rupture, some noise excesses of the US border crossers Hair Police and Birmingham’s Modified Toy Orchestra.