German radio WDR3 will broadcast two new compositions of mine tomorrow, Friday 13th of March. “Chronostasis” was commissioned by the Studio Akustische Kunst of WDR3 and features ticking clocks organized in dense rhythmic structures. You can read more about the piece here. There will be the possibility to download a MP3 for one week after the broadcast, the link can be found on this page. Take the advantage: I put a lot of work and heart in this endeavour and I think it is a rewarding experience, especially for repeated listening. The second composition is called “Phonemenon” and a somehow special course in phonetics. A narrator is introducing the scientific names of the phonems which are then interpreted by the young and very talented singer Almut Kühne. The piece is a mixture of expressive voice improvisations and pre-composed passages, every voice was performed by her sticking to the correct sound of each phonem. The composition raises old questions about the relationship between language and music and suggests that both spheres are unthinkable without the extraordinary sound capacities of the human voice. You can listen to both pieces as a live stream of WDR3 on Friday night 23:00 German time here.