Ismael Ivo invited me to work on a sound composition for his new choreography “The Waste Land” that will be premièred on 20th June 2009 at Venice Biennale. On Friday and Saturday I spent time with Ismael, his very friendly staff and the dancers at their rehearsals at Teatro Piccolo Arsenale to develop a sound composition for the first half of the dance piece. The second half will be Stravinsky’s Sacre Du Printemps and it is Ismael’s idea to relate to new forms of slavery and the exploitation of natural resources which earth responds in unpredictable ways. This vulnerable and shrinking planet will be represented through my sound recordings of volcanos, glaciers and breaking ice, that are composed according to the movements of the dancers. In fact, the composition will turn out to be a very condensed version of my radioart piece “fire and frost pattern“. Stravinsky’s Sacre, then, stands for the human reaction: the physical body in a ceremony of survival and confrontation. I’m looking forward to hear how the confrontation of my sound piece with Stravinsky’s classic turns out, but I imagine it will be very effective to wait for more than half an hour for the first “real” musical tone and that this might give the Sacre even more strength.