Already from 1997, this interview features the odd encounter of pop fairy Björk and Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. Not much of Pärt’s spirituality and unique compositional style is revealed in this little talk. More insight provides this exerpt from the documentary “24 Preludes for a Fugue”, Arvo Pärt talks about his composition “Für Alina” and demonstrates its structure on a keyboard. In his words: “Such signals sometimes sound as if they lasted an entire life. Or future, or past, outside time. A blade of grass has the status of a flower. To see in this tiny phrase, something more than just the black and white key.”

His vulnerable appearance reminds me of the character of the Stalker in Tarkovsky’s film by the same name, played by Alexander Kajdanowski. Talking of Tarkovsky: here is a last example of Pärt’s music cut against an edit of the film “Mirror”, the compositions name is, “Mirror in the Mirror”.