The German Akademie der Darstellenden Künste voted the WDR-production “Das Haus (House of Leaves)” the best radio play of December 2009. The jury wrote: “The three directors and composers developed an acoustic aesthetic for everything that is tempting and threatening. As long as the ear can reach it is whimpering and rumbling in an endless loop of horror. A radio play for the remote control? Yes, but not only. The experimental play reflects in one and the other way existential challenges. The listener becomes an adventurer searching for lost pieces of a central theme.”

The German adaption of the postmodern novel “House of Leaves” by Mark Z. Danielewski was broadcasted in three different versions on three channels of German public radio WDR at the same time. The audience was able to switch between the narrative layers of the novel and could follow the entwined corridors and pathways to secret rooms of the house in a way that reflected the complex structure of the book.