I’m happy to announce that my radioplay after Roland Barthes’ famous book is finally finished and will be broadcast on March 19 at 11:05 pm at German public radio WDR3.

Roland Barthes died 30 years ago after a car accident in Paris. “A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments” is possibly one of the most ambitious and intelligent texts on the philosophy of passionate love, still of great relevance just as before. In this radio adaption I superimposed his glossary of love with Goethe’s “The Sorrows of Young Werther”, Barthes’ principle witness and supplier of keywords for passionate love. Thanks to outstanding performances by the actors Sebastian Blomberg, Ludwig Trepte and Hannah Herzsprung and with the help of a lot of friends and the people of Berlin providing words for the definitions of Barthes’ “figures of thought” I hope we can follow the racing minds of lovers in an unusual and fascinating radioplay. For both Barthes and Goethe, the lover is someone who stands outside society. He lives in an “unreal” world, in an illusion that becomes his truth, while what other people call “reality” he experiences as an illusion.

“Love is blind: the proverb is false. Love opens its eyes wide, love produces clear-sightedness. […] What the world takes for ‘objective’, I regard as factitious; and what the world regards as madness, illusion, error, I take for truth.” (Roland Barthes)

Please read or download a longer essay on the piece on my homepage. You can listen to the piece here as online livestream via iTunes or Windows Mediaplayer. There is a simultaneous 5.1 surround sound broadcast, the link is on the right hand side on this page. The radioplay is in German though…