After a one-year-break,  Silence Radio returns with an edition of sound art in various forms ranging from documentary, fiction, electroacoustic composition, field-recording to soundscape. I contributed a track called “A Pot Calling The Kettle Black”. In the piece a strange woman (singer Almut Kühne) makes funny noises in the kitchen while she is dealing with frying eggs, drinking some mineral water, making a cup of tea and cleaning the dishes. Ambivalent kitchen sounds are mirrored in sounds from other origins and it seems as if she slips away while she is doing the kitchen work. Many of those sounds are somehow related to water and fire, therefore the title which is an old english saying about someone being hypocritical. Wikipedia provides the following definition: “The pot is sooty (being placed on a fire), while the kettle is clean and shiny (being placed on coals only), and hence when the pot accuses the kettle of being black, it is the pot’s own sooty reflection that it sees: the pot accuses the kettle of a fault that only the pot has, rather than one that they share.” I thought along these lines when working on the piece. Other sound “pastilles” were submitted by artists like Francisco López, eRikm & Eric La Casa and Alessandro Bosetti among others. Here is the complete track list:

Whoever likes to play with sounds likes to play with words.

UNTITLED #242 ___ Francisco López
No title, no comment, no meaning, not only one.

LE FILTRE DE RÉALITÉ ___ eRikm & Eric La Casa
The two sonic Erics meet Jacques Brodier and his ionic instrument.

MIDI MINUIT ___ Pali Meursault
Investigation by night into a sci-fi-like contemporary soundscape.

DEAD MAN ___ Alessandro Bosetti
After all the samurai of love is a very casual person though he’s got to live his life as a dead man.

TRUE BROMANCE ___ Bérangère Maximin
Tribute to boys’ pure love by a resounding girl.

LAURENT MAÏS ___ Sebastian Dicenaire
Laurent Maïs has got a revelation of love in front of his flat screen.

BARMAZ OU BALI ___ Kaye Mortley
A rough cut daydreaming snapshot mixing Switzerland with Indonesia.

AIR CONDITIONER No.8 ___ Nick Sowers
Domestification attempt of domestic white noises.

The power of volcanic myth is universal.