Tonight Ismael Ivo’s new dance theater choreography “Sacre du Printemps” will be premiered in front of the impressive temples of Paestum close to Naples, Italy. Over the last 4 weeks, I wrote a musical introduction for the piece with insect and volcano sounds that refer to the location close to the Vesuvio and Vergil’s “Gerorgics” which already mentioned the rose of Paestum about 2000 years ago. The behaviour of bees played an important role in the roman society, their life was supposed to be a model for human community. In the opening scene of the choreography a dancer is bathed in honey and Ismael wanted to have a mystical and ethereal music accompanying the ritual. This is an excerpt of what I came up with:

The countertenor Martin Wölfel sings the original latin text of Vergil refering to honey and the female choir was performed by Almut Kühne. Here are the lyrics:

Haec potior suboles, hinc caeli tempore certo

dulcia mella premes, nec tantum dulcia, quantum

et liquida et durum Bacchi domitura saporem.

At cum incerta volant caeloque examina ludunt

contemnuntque favos et frigida tecta relinquunt,

instabiles animos ludo prohibebis inani.

Nec magnus prohibere labor: tu regibus alas

eripe; non illis quisquam cunctantibus altum

ire iter aut castris audebit vellere signa.