I like the music played by Joana Sá in this video for one particular reason: it fuses New Music, free improvisation and electronica sound manipulation techniques in a very captivating way. It reminds me of the recent David Sylvian endeavors or the collaboration between Carsten Nicolai and Ryuichi Sakamoto. In many jazz or contemporary music recordings I must say that I get weary of the rigorous sound aesthetics that hold on to the acoustic persepective of the live experience with a fixed level of reverb: an aesthetic of authenticity and handmade naturalness that in many cases is not true anymore when musicians use the music studio to record their tracks. I’m not saying that a straight forward studio production is something wrong or something to be abandoned, but it is interesting how fresh and ears-opening it can be when open-minded artists enter unexplored pathways around and between genre catagories and let us crawl into their instrument like in this instance. The video is a trailer for an upcoming DVD release on the new German label blinker.